Ethan Yackulic

Paleoecology, lake sediments, hyperspectral imaging, water quality, Holocene climate

Aaron Teets

Picture of Aaron Teets

Forest carbon dynamics, phenology, woody biomass increment, non-structural carbohydrates, eddy-covariance

Shelby Sundquist

Ecological modeling, climate change, and arctic and boreal vegetation

Vova Saruta

Picture of Vova Saruta

Bayesian statistics, emulators, process based models, terrestrial ecosystems, carbon cycle.

Melissa Rose

Remote sensing, ecological modeling, conservation biology, consequences of biodiversity change

Paul Roman

Picture of Paul Roman

Instrumentation development, isotopic tracing, carbon cycling within plant communities, carbon movement in the soil biome

Emma Reich

Plant ecophysiology, stable isotope analysis, evapotranspiration partitioning, flux tower measurements.

Colin Quinn

Picture of Colin Quinn

Biogeography, Remote Sensing, Environmental response to climate and human impact, landscape archaeology

Laura Puckett

Picture of Laura Puckett

Ecosystem vulnerability, forest ecology, remote sensing, climate change, ecological modeling

Tomos Prys-Jones

Picture of Tomos Prys-Jones

Animals transport of microbes and pathogens, impact of animal extinctions on emergent infectious disease.