T3 Option Coursework Information

Available Courses

The Program of Study for an INF PhD is flexible enough to accommodate specialization in Ecological and Environmental Informatics (“Ecoinformatics” option), Health and Bioinformatics, or Cyber and Software Systems.

T3 students follow the INF Program of Study with an emphasis in Ecoinformatics. We have put together a suggested multi-cohort progression that will give you a sense of how the requirements could be fulfilled in 4-5 years. This progression is flexible and can be adjusted based on the needs, interests, and backgrounds of individual students. Students with a master’s degree can transfer up to 20 graduate credits with approval of their faculty mentor and the SICCS Associate Director of Graduate Studies and Research.

The following provides information about NAU courses that fulfill each section of the INF Program of Study:

I. Required Coursework (42 Units)

INF 501 Research Methods in Informatics and Computing

INF 502 Software Development and Methodologies

INF 503 Large-scale Data Structures & Organization

INF 504 Data Mining & Machine Learning

INF 601 Professional and Career Development

INF 602 Professional Communication

INF 603 Proposal and Grant Preparation

INF 511 Modern Regression I

INF 512 Modern Regression II

In addition to INF 511 and 512, select a course from INF 626 / 626L (Applied Bayesian Modeling with Lab) or STA 572 (Multivariate Statistical Methods)

Students in the INF T3 Option may substitute Team-Based Research and Interdisciplinary Informatics I for the Research Rotation

INF 799

II. Emphasis Requirements (18 Units minimum)

Graduate students in the T3 option should choose the Ecological and Environmental Informatics emphasis (Option 2 in the SICCS program of study). Elective courses in this emphasis area should be distributed as follows:

INF 529 Applied Remote Sensing

INF 620 Topics in Remote Sensing

INF 621 Topics in Ecological Modeling

INF 622 Topics in Environmental Data Analysis

Topics course numbers may be repeated if each course covers a different topic.

Several courses can fulfill these elective requirements. We encourage T3 students to take the following courses as part of their program:

INF 550 Survey in Ecoinformatics Data Collection Tools and Products

INF TBD Team-Based Research and Interdisciplinary Informatics II

BIO 577 Concepts in Ecology

Survey in Ecoinformatics Data Collection Tools and Products

We are always adding courses to this list, so please consult this for a more complete inventory of appropriate classes in departments across NAU.

Additional Requirements

Comprehensive Qualifying Exam (by the end of the 4th term)

Advancement to Candidacy Exam (by the end of the 7th term)

Dissertation Defense

We further expect students in the T3 option to attend our annual retreat (typically in August) and participate in seminars and workshops designed to provide additional training in team science, communication, and other essential skills.