Funded Research Opportunities

Ecoinformatics researchers are currently looking for undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and professional research staff to work in their labs. Below, we have listed current funded opportunities.

(Updated August 5, 2020)

Complex Systems Informatics Laboratory (Ben Ruddell)

Undergraduate software developers for flood information and hydrology server and application development

Undergraduate or hourly Master’s mechanical engineer to develop manufacturable microclimate sensing systems

PhD Student or Postdoc to support Dr. Nick McKay and Dr. Ben Ruddell for analysis of paleoclimate and modern infrastructure

Postdoctoral scholar to investigate the driving factors behind adaptation of snowmelt-irrigated agricultural communities in the western US.

Students and staff at all levels to support FEWSION project data analytics on US supply chains.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Stable Isotopes

Drs. Kimberly Samuels-Crow and Kiona Ogle are seeking an undergraduate research assistant who is interested in supporting work related to our NSF-funded project  “Ecohydrological controls on evapotranspiration across a semi-arid elevation gradient.” The student worker will provide lab support (as possible with COVID-19 restrictions along with support in conducting literature searches and writing code. This is a paid position.

Please contact Dr. Samuels-Crow directly for more information.

Additional Opportunities

Please review Ecoinformatics research groups and contact PI’s directly to determine if there are additional opportunities not listed here.

Additional Faculty, Staff, and Post-doc positions are available via the NAU HR website.