Funded Research Opportunities

Ecoinformatics researchers are currently looking for undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and professional research staff to work in their labs. Below, we have listed current funded opportunities.

Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics lab (Teki Sankey)

The Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Lab is currently recruiting PhD students. Prospective students should contact Dr. Sankey at and visit Currently open opportunities include research projects in the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests in northern Arizona and the Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest in eastern Arizona. In all 3 projects, we will integrate long-term satellite image archives with contemporary UAV images to examine forest cover and hydrological changes at decadal scales. In collaboration with the US Forest Service, we will merge long-term precipitation data with land management history to determine how climate and land use management have altered forest and water resources.

Ecological Synthesis Lab (Kiona Ogle)

The Ecological Synthesis Lab is seeking a motivated PhD student to work on a newly funded NSF project “Ecohydrological controls on evapotranspiration across a semi-arid elevation gradient.” The project involves applying Bayesian statistical models to multi-year time-series observations of ecosystem water fluxes (evatranspiration, ET) to determine the important drivers of ET, and the time-scales over which these drivers control ET across different semi-arid biomes in New Mexico. The student will work primarily construct Bayesian models but will also have the opportunity to conduct field work. The student will be part of NAU’s T3 option in Informatics, an NSF-funded training program that provides innovative training in informatics, ecology / environmental science, team-based research and communication. You can find out more about the project by accessing the public abstract here. Interested students should contact Dr. Kiona Ogle. During this initial contact, please briefly describe your background and interest in the project and attach a copy of your CV. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

The Gurney Lab (Kevin Gurney)

Postdoctoral position opening in the Gurney lab work on anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Email (Updated August 27, 2019)

Complex Systems Informatics Laboratory (Ben Ruddell)

2019-2020 (Updated August 27, 2019)

Undergraduate software developers for flood information and hydrology server and application development

Undergraduate or hourly Master’s mechanical engineer to develop manufacturable microclimate sensing systems

PhD Student or Postdoc to support Dr. Nick McKay and Dr. Ben Ruddell for analysis of paleoclimate and modern infrastructure

Postdoc or early career scientist to support U.S. national water use modeling and reanalysis via a USGS Powell Synthesis Center project

Postdoc or early career scientist to support FEWSION project coding and engineering analysis

Terrestrial Ecosystems & Global Change Lab (Andrew Richardson)

Upcoming opportunity for a post-doc to work on the SPRUCE experiment, direct inquiries can be sent to

Ecosystem Ecology & Informatics (Chris Doughty)

Post-doc opportunity on a NASA-funded biodiversity grant. Inquiries can be sent to

The Goetz Lab (Scott Goetz)

The Goetz lab is accepting graduate students for Fall 2019. Please familiarize yourself with Dr. Goetz’s research on his website (linked above) and contact him directly ( In your initial email, please include some information about your background, research interests and why you are interested in the Goetz Lab.  Please also attach your CV.

Additional Opportunities

Additional Faculty, Staff, and Post-doc positions are available via the NAU HR website.