Graduate Program

Our graduate students come from a broad range of backgrounds, including environmental, life, or computer science, mathematics / statistics, and engineering. Despite the broad range of backgrounds, graduate students in the INF program share a passion for learning and for integrating the cutting-edge tools of informatics with the theory and knowledge of ecology and environmental science.

Are you an ecologist concerned that your analytical and computing skills are too limited for the Informatics program? If you demonstrate a strong interest and potential to learn and apply the tools of informatics and broaden your skills in your focus area, you are a prime candidate for the Informatics PhD program’s Ecological and Environmental Informatics (EEI) T3 option.

Do you have a strong computing, mathematical, statistical, or engineering background, but little experience with ecology or environmental science? Provided you are enthusiastic about applying your quantitative skills to ecological or environmental applications, you are also a prime candidate for the Informatics PhD program’s EEI
T3 option.

Information about our EEI T3 option. can be found here.

Information about the Informatics (INF) Masters program can be found here.