Xin Huang

Graduate student near building

Tree growth, bayesian statistics, ecological modeling, software engineering, high-performance computing

Kat Fowler

Hydrology and water resources; data integration and harmonization; ecological modeling; climate change

Alicia Formanack

Graduate Student Photo

Dendroecology, Bayesian modeling, natural climate solutions, forest carbon

Jennifer Diehl

Portrait of graduate students

Remote sensing, ecological modeling, conservation biology, forest ecology

Abraham Cadmus

Picture of Abraham Cadmus

Forest tree ecophysiology, community genetics, ecohydrology, plant hydraulics, conservation and restoration.

Rohan Boone

Picture of Rohan Boone

Forest ecology, dendroecology, community ecology, drought legacy, tree response to climate change

Cameron Bodine

Picture of Cameron Bodine

River ecology, fisheries, remote sensing, spatial ecology, machine learning

Bilal Aslam

Graduate student with flowers

Remote sensing, Geospatial analysis and mapping, Machine learning, Time Series Analysis, Spatial Statistics