Tomos Prys-Jones

Picture of Tomos Prys-Jones

Animals transport of microbes and pathogens, impact of animal extinctions on emergent infectious disease

Jeralyn Poe

Carbon cycling, land-atmosphere interactions, geospatial analysis, Arctic vulnerability

Emily Palmquist

Female graduate student in front of monuments in Monument Valley

Dryland plant ecology, riparian plant ecology, rare plants, plant genetics, Grand Canyon, river regulation

Kathleen Orndahl

Picture of Kathleen Orndahl

Arctic vegetation ecology, climate change impacts on arctic ecosystems, UAV operations, satellite remote sensing

Anna Odell

graduate student with mountains in background

Macrosystems ecology, vegetation response to climate and land-use change, satellite remote sensing

Scooter Nowak

graduate student with mountains in background

Data manipulation and analysis, software tool development, aquatic entomology, aquatic ecology

Blase LaSala

Hazardous environment documentation, geoinformatics, data interface and visualization, high performance computing

Jenna Keany

Picture of Jenna Keany

Biodiversity loss, animal-plant interactions, remote sensing, ecosystem ecology, climate change

Xin Huang

Graduate student near building

Tree growth, bayesian statistics, ecological modeling, software engineering, high-performance computing