Deborah Huntzinger

Picture of Debbie Huntzinger

The carbon cycle, climate change, terrestrial biogeochemistry, modeling of land-atmosphere carbon dynamics, carbon footprint analysis

Kevin Gurney

Picture of Kevin Gurney

Climate change, biogeochemistry, ecology, energy, science policy

Scott Goetz

Picture of Scott Goetz

Ecosystem responses to environmental change, Arctic biodiversity, remote sensing

Chris Doughty

Picture of Chris Doughty

Climate change, biodiversity loss, forest carbon cycling, remote sensing

Daniel Buscombe

Picture of Daniel Buscombe

Earth surface processes, coastal and hydraulic engineering, process sedimentology, geomorphology, spatial ecology, machine learning, probabilistic models; founder of Marda Science (not accepting new graduate students)

Logan Berner

Picture of Logan Berner

Forest ecology, carbon cycling, climate change, satellite remote sensing, geospatial modeling

Jay Barber

Bayesian statistics, spatial statistics, ecological and environmental applications