Xanthe Walker

Xanthe Walker

Ecosystem and plant ecology, disturbance, climate change, northern terrestrial ecosystems

Alexander Shenkin

Alexander Shenkin

Forest structure, tropical ecosystems, carbon cycling, ecosystem and plant ecology, climate change, drought, tree physiology, tree architecture, functional traits, remote sensing, forest governance

Kimberly Samuels-Crow

Picture of Kimberly Samuels-Crow

Stable isotope geochemistry, climate change, paleoclimate, hydroclimate, science communication and outreach


Ben Ruddell

Portrait of Ben Ruddell

Urban ecology, complex systems, networks, macroscale ecology, hydrology and water resources, information theory, data science, food-energy-water

Kiona Ogle

Picture of Kiona Ogle

Ecological synthesis and analysis, Bayesian applications in ecology, plant and ecosystem ecology

Joseph Mihaljevic

Picture of Joseph Mihaljevic

Ecological informatics, multi-pathogen communities, infectious diseases