Postdoctoral Researchers

Eric Beamesderfer
Land-atmosphere interactions, atmospheric science, boundary-layer meteorology, phenology, eddy covariance
Pawlok Dass
Carbon cycle; biogeochemistry; terrestrial biosphere; climate change; earth system science; energy; geospatial data science
Katharyn Duffy
Terrestrial biosphere-Earth system interactions; climatic change effects on phenology and land-atmosphere carbon exchange
J. Camilo Fagua
My research focuses on producing spatial models that can support biodiversity conservation at large scales in tropical ecosystems. To accomplish this, I perform spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems, spatial Read More
Adrianna Foster
Forest ecology, vegetation dynamics, disturbances, ecological modeling, climate change, remote sensing
Camille Gaillard
Traits, Functional traits, Trade-offs, DGVM, Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, Science for Society, Climate Change, Anthropogenic Impact, Ecosystem Models, Data Science, Savanna, Vegetation cover change, Tropical ecosystems
Chris Hakkenberg
Landscape ecology, biodiversity, forest structure and dynamics, remote sensing, geospatial analysis, conservation, urbanization
Anna Kato
Climate change, Carbon cycle, Vegetation Phenology, Remote sensing, Geospatial analysis and mapping
Richard Massey
Remote sensing, climate change, agriculture, machine learning, high-performance computing, cloud computing architecture
Bhaskar Mitra
Carbon Cycle, Time Series Analysis, Spatial Statistics, Bayesian Analysis
Drew Peltier
Tree physiology under climate change and drought. Tree ring syntheses; ENSO and the North American Monsoon; Bayesian Hierarchical modelling; Non-structural carbohydrates; Radiocarbon; Drought legacies and memory.
Tim Rademacher
Eco-physiology of terrestrial vegetation
Geoffrey Roest
Anthropogenic carbon emissions, trace gas emissions, climate change, meteorology, air quality, oil and gas, environmental policy
Yang Song
GIS, remote sensing, environment, transportation, fossil fuel carbon
Jon M. Wells
Earth system modeling, Data-model integration, Global carbon cycling, Bioenergy production
Adam Young
Fire and phenological effects on ecosystem and global carbon, water, and energy flows.