Master’s Students

Assistant Professor
Ecosystem and plant ecology, disturbance, climate change, northern terrestrial ecosystems
Remote sensing, geospatial analysis, data-sciences, landscape ecology, rangeland degradation, vegetation dynamics,  drought, land use/land cover change, food-energy-water nexus, hydro-informatics, network analysis, and complex systems
Research Associate, Goetz Lab
Earth observation, remote sensing, lidar, hyperspectral imaging
Assistant Research Professor
Forest structure, tropical ecosystems, carbon cycling, ecosystem and plant ecology, climate change, drought, tree physiology, tree architecture, functional traits, remote sensing, forest governance
Associate Professor
Remote sensing, desert plant communities, cropland distribution and change
Assistant Research Professor
Stable isotope geochemistry, climate change, paleoclimate, hydroclimate, science communication and outreach  
Fire and phenological effects on ecosystem and global carbon, water, and energy flows
Assistant Research Professor
Adaptive water management, socio-hydrology, water policy
MSc Student
Ecosystem vulnerability, forest ecology, remote sensing, climate change, ecological modeling
Earth system modeling, Data-model integration, Global carbon cycling, Bioenergy production
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