Master’s Students

Lab Manager, Richardson Lab
Biogeochemistry–specifically C, N, and Hg; Forest Ecology and Management; Soil Organic Matter Formation; Phenology
Research Associate, Goetz Lab
Earth observation, remote sensing, lidar, hyperspectral imaging
PhD Student
Paleoecology, lake sediments, hyperspectral imaging, water quality, Holocene climate
Associate Professor
Remote sensing, desert plant communities, cropland distribution and change.
PhD Student and Presidential Fellow
Forest carbon dynamics, phenology, woody biomass increment, non-structural carbohydrates, eddy-covariance
Assistant Research Professor
Stable isotope geochemistry, climate change, paleoclimate, hydroclimate, science communication and outreach  
PhD Student
Ecological modeling, climate change, and arctic and boreal vegetation
PhD Student
Bayesian statistics, emulators, process based models, terrestrial ecosystems, carbon cycle.
PhD Student
Remote sensing, ecological modeling, conservation biology, consequences of biodiversity change
MSc Student
Instrumentation development, isotopic tracing, carbon cycling within plant communities, carbon movement in the soil biome
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