Ethan Aumack, Grand Canyon Trust

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February 12, 2024 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Conservation and Environmental Justice across the Colorado Plateau: 30 years of lessons learned

Abstract: The Colorado Plateau contains invaluable biological and cultural diversity.  It is a region dominated by public lands, tribal lands, and various political geographies - the intersection of which have created conflict and a history of exploitation.  Amongst other NGO’s working in this region, the Grand Canyon Trust has worked since 1985 to conserve biological diversity - doing so with an ever-increasing commitment to working in partnership with tribal governments, NGOs, and communities.  Through a survey of several key initiatives across the Plateau over the last three decades, Ethan will explore trends, challenges, and opportunities in the realms of science and policy integration, conservation and environmental justice integration, and effective science-based advocacy in an increasingly politically divisive time.

Bio: Ethan Aumack currently serves as Executive Director at Grand Canyon Trust, a regional nonprofit environmental and environmental justice advocacy organization. Ethan grew up in Flagstaff and attended Swarthmore College then NAU for his undergraduate and Master’s work. After a brief stint working with the Nature Conservancy, Ethan began working with the Grand Canyon Trust in 1998.  Ethan has served a variety of roles at the Trust, and supported and provided leadership within initiatives ranging from the Four Forest Restoration Initiative to the Trust’s acquisition of the North Rim Ranches to national monument campaigns, and a variety of sustainable economic development and environmental justice initiatives.