Career Panel – Different Tracks

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February 13, 2023 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Jessica Guo

Jessica Guo completed her PhD in Biological Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Kiona Ogle in 2019. In 2020, she became a data scientist at the University of Arizona, where she helps researchers develop workflows, analyses, and interactive data visualization. Jessica also develops short-format trainings to teach reproducible data science practices, including chairing a local data science festival in 2021. In her spare time, she continues researching plant water use strategies and is particularly interested in leveraging high-resolution time series derived from plant sensors.

Claire Karban

Dr. Claire Karban is a research ecologist postdoc at the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center. She is studying the ecological impacts of utility-scale solar energy development in the southwestern U.S. Prior to beginning at the USGS, she completed her PhD in dryland restoration ecology at CU Boulder in September 2022.

Kyle Rodman

Dr. Kyle Rodman received his Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2019, then completed a postdoc at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology. Kyle has been a Research Scientist at the Ecological Restoration Institute at NAU since 2021, where he does research in forest ecology and management across the western US. In his free time, Kyle likes to explore desert canyons in the Southwest.

Katharyn Duffy

Dr. Katharyn Duffy works at the intersection of forestry, wildfire, and EcoInformatics - ecology and ‘big data’. She co-authored the first wildfire-focused forest carbon methodology, and continues to innovate data-driven methods to support natural climate solutions. Katharyn’s focus at Vibrant Planet includes building data and interfaces to support monitoring, reporting, and forecasting the ecosystem benefits of sustainable forest management.