Ecoinformatics at AGU 2021

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AGU 2021 Fall Meeting

Ecoinformatics graduate students, postdocs, and faculty will be presenting their research at AGU’s 2021 Fall Meeting (Hybrid – New Orleans and online). See below for a list of talks and posters on each day of the meeting. Come learn more about our research! (Ecoinformatics authors’ names are shown in bold).


Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B11C Analyzing the role of surface energy fluxes in determining the seasonal patterns of atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) heights at various ecosystems across the United States

Eric R. Beamesderfer, Nathaniel A. Brunsell, Kimberly A. Novick, Russell Scott, Dave Hollinger, and Andrew D. Richardson

B13A Deep learning soundscape classification and remotely sensed forest structure reveal landscape patterns in ecoacoustics

Colin A. Quinn, Patrick Burns, Scott J. Goetz, Matthew L Clark

B14A Adding animal arboreal traits and vegetation structure to a global mechanistic trait based model

Camille Gaillard, Mike Harfoot, Andrew Abraham, Patrick Jantz, Patrick Burns, Tobias Jackson, Alexander Shenkin, Luca Santini, Scott Goetz, Christopher Doughty


Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B24D-02 Vegetation greenness trends consistent with a boreal biome range shift

Logan Berner and Scott Goetz

GC25K-0759 Utility-based energy consumption to improve Megacity building-scale CO2 emissions

Geoffrey Roest, Kevin Gurney, Peter Rayner


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Presentation Number Title & Author Information
PP42A-03 National-scale comparison of hyperspectral scanning indices and pigments in New Zealand lakes

Ethan Yackulic, Claire Shephard, Jonathan Puddick, Gracie Scott, Carrie Page, Nicholas McKay, Marcus Vandergoes, and Susie Wood

GC44D-03 Exploring differences in sector wise FFCO2 emissions from the Vulcan product and the EPA GHG inventory in the U.S.

Anna Kato, Kevin R. Gurney, and Vince Camobreco

B44B-08 Interannual moisture controls on soil CO2 fluxes in adjacent high elevation conifer and deciduous forests

Mariah Carbone, Andrew Richardson, Austin Simonpietri, Max Berkelhammer, Christopher Still

B44D-08 Using GEDI to improve biomass estimates and understand recent biomass change in tropical forests

Chris Doughty, Alexander Shenkin, Hao Tang, Yadvinder Malhi, Scott J Goetz, George W Koch

GC45I-0921 Using machine learning techniques to quantify the environmental impact of African forest elephants: combining real world conservation with informatics in Google Earth Engine

Jenna Keany, Chris Doughty, Patrick Burns, Fiona Maisels, Patrick Jantz, Scott J Goetz and Andrew Abraham 


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