Graduate Students

Andrew Abraham
PhD Student
The role of animals on nutrient distribution using the Madingley model and field studies.
Adam Belmonte
PhD Student
Forest ecohydrology, soil moisture dynamics, forest & wildland restoration, UAV-borne remote sensing
Cameron Bodine
River ecology, fisheries, remote sensing, spatial ecology, machine learning
Rohan Boone
Forest Ecology, Dendroecology, Community Ecology, Drought legacy, Tree response to climate change
Abraham Cadmus
PhD Student, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow
Forest tree ecophysiology, community genetics, ecohydrology, plant hydraulics, conservation and restoration.
David Failing
Plant and ecosystem memory
Iván González - Garzón
Ecohydrology, remote sensing, land use change, spatial and quantitative ecology
Xin Huang
Tree growth, bayesian statistics, ecological modeling, software engineering, high-performance computing
Jenna Keany
Biodiversity loss, animal-plant interactions, remote sensing, ecosystem ecology, climate change
Blase LaSala
Hazardous environment documentation, geoinformatics, data interface and visualization, high performance computing.
Scooter Nowak
Solve complex problems involving data manipulation and analysis. Developing software tools to increase efficiency of data usage. Aquatic Entomology, Aquatic Ecology
Kathleen Orndahl
PhD Student
Arctic vegetation ecology, climate change impacts on arctic ecosystems, UAV operations, satellite remote sensing
Emily Palmquist
PhD Student
Dryland plant ecology; riparian plant ecology; rare plants; plant genetics; Grand Canyon; river regulation.
Jeralyn Poe
Carbon cycling, land-atmosphere interactions, geospatial analysis, Arctic vulnerability
Tomos Prys-Jones
Animals transport of microbes and pathogens, impact of animal extinctions on emergent infectious disease.
Laura Puckett
Ecosystem vulnerability, forest ecology, remote sensing, climate change, ecological modeling
Colin Quinn
PhD Student
Biogeography, Remote Sensing, Environmental response to climate and human impact, landscape archaeology
Emma Reich
Plant ecophysiology, stable isotope analysis, evapotranspiration partitioning, flux tower measurements.
Paul Roman
Instrumentation development, isotopic tracing, carbon cycling within plant communities, carbon movement in the soil biome
Melissa Rose
Remote sensing, ecological modeling, conservation biology, consequences of biodiversity change
Vova Saruta
PhD Student
Bayesian statistics, emulators, process based models, terrestrial ecosystems, carbon cycle.
Aaron Teets
PhD Student and Presidential Fellow
Forest carbon dynamics, phenology, woody biomass increment, non-structural carbohydrates, eddy-covariance
Ethan Yackulic
Paleoecology, lake sediments, hyperspectral imaging, water quality, Holocene climate