Developing Foundational Open Science Skills (CyVerse Skills Tutorial)

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April 5, 2021 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Developing Foundational Open Science Skills

Foundational Open Science Skills (FOSS) is a novel, camp-style training designed to prepare principal investigators and their teams, both new and established, to meet the growing expectations of funding agencies, publishers, and research institutions for scientific reproducibility and data accessibility. In this talk, I'll cover the history of CyVerse, our FOSS workshop series, the use of containerized software in cyberinfrastructure, open source research software, and actually doing cloud native science with open data on public resources. For a more full experience sign-up for a free CyVerse account using your institutional email address before the talk:

About the facilitator

Tyson L. Swetnam PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Geoinformatics at The University of Arizona, BIO5 Institute. Tyson is a science informatician who works for CyVerse, the National Science Foundation's premier research cyberinfrastructure. In his role with CyVerse, he collaborates with a diverse group of data science oriented projects in both life and earth sciences. His personal research interests include applied use of cyberinfrastructure for geospatial analysis and remote sensing of the environment, data science best practices, as well as applied metadata and ontology. Personal Website: