Ecoinformatics at AGU 2019

Ecoinformatics graduate students, postdocs, and faculty will be presenting their research at AGU’s 2019 Fall Meeting in San Francisco. See below for a list of talks and posters on each day of the meeting. Come learn more about our research! (Ecoinformatics authors’ names are shown in bold).


Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B11B-04 How close are we to the temperature tipping point in the terrestrial biosphere (Invited)

Katharyn Aurora Duffy, Christopher Schwalm, Vickery L. Arcus, George W. Koch, Louis A. Schipper

B11D-01 A narrow window of summer temperatures is associated with shrub growth in Arctic Alaska 

 Laia Andreu-Hayles, Benjamin Gaglioti, Logan T. Berner, Kevin J Anchukaitis, Mathieu Levesque, Scott J. Goetz, Rosanne D’Arrigo

B11D-06 Recent Trends in Forest Productivity and Tree Cover Across the Boreal Forest Biome 

Logan T. Berner and Scott J. Goetz

B11E-2367 Incorporating canopy structure from simulated GEDI lidar into bird species distribution models.

Patrick J. Burns, Matthew L Clark, Leo A Salas, Steven Hancock, Patrick Jantz, Scott J. Goetz

H12G-06 Rethinking the Water Cycle in the Anthropocene

Tara Troy, Xiao Zhu, Naresh Devineni, Laureline Josset, Upmanu Lall, Emma Williamson, James A Rising, Benjamin L. Ruddell

GC12C-02 Characterizing high-order spatio-temporal urbanization dynamics from remotely-sensed time series.

Christopher R. Hakkenberg, Matthew P. Dannenberg, Conghe Song, Katherine B. Ensor

B12D-01 Airborne Monitoring of Arctic Ecosystem Change

Charles E Miller, Peter C Griffith, Scott J Goetz

GH13A-1045 Communicating and Mapping the Supply Chain Effects of Natural Hazards on the Food-Energy-Water System to Support Emergency Management Planning.

Richard Rushforth and Benjamin L. Ruddell

H13D-05 Characterizing causal dependencies through information flow: emerging frontier for understanding and prediction of earth system dynamics.

Praveen Kumar, Allison Eva Goodwell, Peishi Jiang, Benjamin L. Ruddell

B13D-01 NASA’s Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE): Transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 2 (2015-2022)

Scott J. Goetz

B13K-2625 The influence of scale on modeled carbon combustion from historical wildfires across Alaska and Canada.

Stefano Potter, Sol Cooperdock, Xanthe J Walker, Sander Veraverbeke, Elizabeth Embury Hoy, Jennifer Lynn Baltzer, Scott J. Goetz, Liza K. Jenkins, Jill F Johnstone, Evan S Kane, Michelle C Mack, James T. Randerson, Merritt R Turetsky, Laura L Bourgeau-Chavez, Nancy H F French, Brendan M Rogers

B13L-2488 The Vulcan Version 3.0 High-Resolution Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions for the United States.

Geoffrey S Roest, Kevin R Gurney, Jianming Liang, Risa Patarasuk, Yang Song, Maya Hutchins, Jianhua Huang

GC13D-04 Joint assimilation of socio-economic and atmospheric measurements to constrain greenhouse gas emissions across urban landscapes.

Thomas Lauvaux, Kevin R Gurney, Kimberly L Mueller, Xinxin Ye, Michel Ramonet, Michel Grutter, Samya Pinheiro, Jose Agustin Garcia-Reynoso, Philippe Ciais, Jinghui Lian, Gregoire Broquet, Masahide Nishihashi, Yukio Terao, Kenneth J Davis, Scott Richardson, Natasha Miles, Riley M Duren, Tomohiro Oda

Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B21D-03 Soil CO2 flux in the permafrost zone: New insight from a year-round chamber network in Alaska and Canada.

Jennifer Watts, Susan Natali, Christina Minions, Sarah Ludwig, Brendan M Rogers, David A Risk, Scott J. Goetz, Oliver Sonnentag, Adrian V Rocha, Eugenie Susanne Euskirchen, Kyle Andreas Arndt, Donatella Zona, Elyn Humphreys, Gerardo Celis, Hiroki Ikawa, Edward Schuur, Meghan Taylor, Masahito Ueyama, Hideki Kobayashi, Rikie Suzuki, Peter Lafleur, Margaret S Torn, Sigrid Dengel, Bang-Yong Lee, Yongwon Kim, Manuel Helbig, Gabriel Hould Gosselin, John S Kimball, Justin Ledman, Roisin Commane, Luke D Schiferl, Walter C Oechel, Frans-Jan W Parmentier, Julie D Jastrow, Marguerite Mauritz, Nima Madani, Charles E Miller, Leah Birch, Stan Wullschleger

B22A-04 Adding space-based vegetation structure measurements to a global ecosystem model to simulate tropical forest animal communities and their role in ecosystem function.

Chris Doughty, Mike Harfoot, Patrick Jantz, Scott J. Goetz, Patrick J. Burns

B23F-2590 Sounds and Colors: Relationships between Avian Soundscape Indices and Remote Sensing Datasets in Sonoma County, CA.

Colin A Quinn, Patrick J Burns, Matthew L Clark, Leonardo Salas, Scott J Goetz

B23F-2605 PhenoSynth: A User Interface to Integrate PhenoCam and MODIS Data.

Andrew D. Richardson, Katharyn A. Duffy, Kyle D. Enns, Jeffrey T. Morisette

H23N-2089 Sustainable Water Management in the Lower Colorado Basin: Influence of Climate and Regulatory Context on the Ability to Meet Human and Environmental Water Needs.

Tongbi Tu, Sankarasubramanian Arumugam, Xiaoli Dong, Caitlin Dyckman, Theodore Grantham, Lars J Olson, Benjamin L. Ruddell, Nicola Ulibarri, Albert Ruhi

B24F-04 Wildfire Interactions with Climate and Vegetation Change in the North American Boreal Forest: Implications for Shifting Fire Regimes under Higher Temperatures and an Altered Deciduous Fraction.

Adrianna Foster, Jacquelyn K Shuman, Xanthe J Walker, Brendan M Rogers, Michelle C Mack, Scott J. Goetz

B24F-14 Predicting biomass change at boreal North American forest inventory sites using long-term satellite vegetation indices and environmental drivers.

Sol Cooperdock, Scott J. Goetz, Michelle C Mack, Robbie A Hember, Logan T. Berner, Richard Massey, Stefano Potter, Brendan M. Rogers

Presentation Number Title & Author Information
PP31A-07 A new global multiproxy Holocene temperature database: a resource for model comparison and evaluation.

Nicholas McKay and the Temperature 12k Group

GC31J-1344 Aligning the multiple goals of food production, environmental flow provision, and nutrition in US watersheds.

Kyle F. Davis, Landon Marston, Richard Rushforth

NS31B-0788 What is the relationship between carbon emissions and city size? A long-term trend study of 100 cities.

 Muhammad Luqman, Peter J Rayner, Kevin Gurney

B32E-03 PhenoSynth: Cross-Scale Phenological Data Integration to Improve PhenoCam-MODIS Comparisons (Invited).

Katharyn A. Duffy,  Andrew D. Richardson, Jeffrey T. Morisette, Kyle D. Enns

B33B-03 Bottom-up control of carbon combustion from boreal wildfires.

Xanthe J Walker, Jennifer Lynn Baltzer, Kirsten Barrett, Laura L. Bourgeau-Chavez, Nicola Day, William de Groot, Catherine M. Dieleman, Scott J. Goetz, Elizabeth Embury Hoy, Liza K. Jenkins, Jill F. Johnstone, Evan S. Kane, Marc-Andre Parisien, Stefano Potter, Brendan M. Rogers, Edward Schuur, Merritt R Turetsky, Sander Veraverbeke, Ellen Whitman, Michelle C Mack


Presentation Number Title & Author Information
Impacts of Vegetation Phenology on Surface-Energy Balance Dynamics: A Synthesis Integrating PhenoCam and AmeriFlux Data.

Adam M. Young, Mark A. Friedl, Andrew D. Richardson

H43J-2154 Characterization of hydrological model calibration using information theory.

Edom Moges, Liang Zhang, Laurel Larsen, Jessica M Driscoll, Parker A Norton II, Benjamin L. Ruddell

B44E-06 Significant C source driven by elevated water table but sink by increasing thaw depth in Alaska tundra under experimental warming: A data assimilation study.

Yiqi Luo, Xingjie Lu, Edward A. G. Schuur, Marguerite Mauritz, Meghan Taylor, Heidi Rodenhizer, Christina Schaedel, Chris Ebert, Anthony J. Garnello, Elaine Pegoraro, Shuang Ma, Xin Huang

Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B51E-12 Monitoring urban greenhouse gas emissions: Lessons from the NIST greenhouse gas measurements test-bed program.

Kenneth J Davis, Thomas Lauvaux, Natasha Miles, Scott Richardson, Paul Shepson, Jocelyn C Turnbull, Riley M Duren, Kevin R Gurney, Ralph F Keeling, Jooil Kim, Charles E Miller, Kristal R Verhulst, Ray F Weiss, Vineet Yadav, Sharon Gourdji, Anna Karion, Israel Lopez-Coto, Subhomoy Ghosh, Kimberly L Mueller, James R Whetstone

PA51D-0909 Scientific Community Engagement for the Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) to Facilitate Research Collaboration.

Elisabeth K Larson, Peter C Griffith, Daniel J. Hodkinson, Elizabeth Embury Hoy, Michael J Falkowski, Scott J Goetz, Charles E Miller

A54D-08 The fossil fuel CO2 emissions of U.S. cities.

Kevin R Gurney, Jianming Liang, Risa Patarasuk, Preeti Rao, Geoffrey S Roest, Richard Rushforth, Benjamin L Ruddell , Darragh O’Keeffe