Ecoinformatics at AGU 2020

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Ecoinformatics graduate students, postdocs, and faculty will be presenting their research at AGU’s 2020 virtual Fall Meeting See below for a list of talks and posters on each day of the meeting. Come learn more about our research! (Ecoinformatics authors’ names are shown in bold).


Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B002-0012 UAV thermal image detects genetic trait differences among populations and genotypes of Fremont cottonwood (Populus fremontii, Salicaceae)

Temuulen Sankey, Kevin Hultine, Davis Blasini, Dan Koepke, Nathaniel Bransky, Kevin Grady, Hillary Cooper, Catherine Gehring, and Gerard Allan


Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B029 (session) NASA’s Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) Mission: Instrument performance, data product validation and applications

John David Armston, James Bryan Blair, Scott J Goetz (session chairs)

B029-10 Exploring the potential of GEDI fusion with multi-sensor imagery for mapping the canopy height of diverse tropical forests of Colombia

J. Camilo Fagua, Patrick Jantz, Patrick Burns, and Scott J Goetz

Presentation Number Title & Author Information
A081-03 Covid19’s disparate impact on transportation and emissions

Pawlok Dass, Kevin Gurney, Bhaskar Mitra, Yang Song, Geoffrey Roest, Taha Moiz

Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B061-0014 Mapping Vegetation Structure Gradients in Colombia With Spaceborne Lidar

Patrick JantzJosé Fagua, Suzanne Rodríguez-Buriticá, Maria Cecilia Londoño, Patrick BurnsScott J. Goetz

B071-02 Scale Dependence in the Relationship between Forest Structural Diversity and Vascular Plant Diversity across Ecoclimatic Gradients

Chris Hakkenberg and Scott J. Goetz

B072-02 A policy-driven framework for conserving the best of Earth’s remaining moist tropical forests

Andrew Hansen, Patrick Burns, J. Ervin, O. Venter, Scott J. Goetz, J. Watson, M. Hansen, Patrick Jantz, A. Virnig, C. Supples, K. Barnett, R. Pillay, S. Atkinson, Suzanne Rodríguez-Buriticá, D. Armenteras

H128-06 Across Semiarid Ecosystems, Evapotranspiration Responds to Environmental Drivers Over Longer Timescales When Conditions are Dry

Kimberly Samuels-Crow, Kiona Ogle, Emma Reich, Marcy Litvak

Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B080-0005 Performance of Carbon Flux Models Across the ABoVE Domain Using Eddy Covariance Measurements

Jeralyn Poe, Elizabeth Hoy, Deborah Huntzinger, Luke Schiferl, Roisin Commane, Eugenie Euskirchen, Erik Larson, Nima Madani, Nick Parazoo, Oliver Sonnentag, Jonathan A. Wang, Jennifer Watts, Brad Weir, Donatella Zona, Abhishek Chatterjee

B080-0013 Pre-fire deciduous tree species drive forest regeneration after wildfire in interior Alaska

Kyoko Okano, Xanthe Walker, Richard Massey, Scott J. Goetz, Michelle C Mack

B089-08 Quantifying whole tree non-structural carbon dynamics under long-term experimental drought using radiocarbon

Drew MP Peltier, Mariah Carbone, Chris Ebert, Xiaomei Xu, Andrew Richardson, Cameron D. McIntire, R. Alex Thompson, Will Pockman, Nate G. McDowell, Henry D. Adams, Amy Trowbridge

Presentation Number Title & Author Information
B102-12 The predictability of near-term changes in forest biomass: a case study in boreal North America

Arden Llewellyn Burrell, Scott J Goetz, Sol Cooperdock, Richard Massey, Xanthe J Walker, Michelle C Mack, Robbie A Hember, Logan T. Berner, Adrianna Foster, Stefano Potter and Brendan M Rogers

B106-09 Using Vegetation Greenness to Predict Seasonal Variation in Evaporative Fraction at AmeriFlux Sites

Adam Young, Mark Friedl​, Steve Frolking, Toby Ault​, Carlos Carrillo, Eric Beamesderfer​​, Xiaolu Li​, Thomas Milliman​, Minkyu Moon, Bijan Seyednasrollah​​, and Andrew D. Richardson

B106-10 Understanding the role of energy fluxes in shaping the seasonal patterns of ABL heights and cloud dynamics for select AmeriFlux sites across the United States

Eric Beamesderfer, Manuel Helbig, Nathaniel Brunsell, and Andrew Richardson

Presentation Number Title & Author Information
GC130-06 Informing urban climate planning with high resolution data: the Hestia fossil fuel CO2 emissions for Baltimore, Maryland

Geoffrey Roest, Kevin Gurney, Scot Miller, Jianming Liang