Seminar: Dennis Baldocchi

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August 24, 2020 11:30 am - 12:20 pm

Title: Shaking Hands between Eddy Fluxes and Remote Sensing
Lessons Learned: 1982-2020


To achieve our big picture goal of assessing trace gas fluxes everywhere, all the time, there needs to be handshaking between ecosystem scale carbon and water flux measurements and remote sensing proxies of ecosystem structure and function.   Remote sensing information provides an inexpensive way to upscale trace gas fluxes in space.  But, it needs ground-truthing and gap filling in time. Continuous trace gas flux measurements provide this necessary information.

In this talk we explore experiences using remote sensing information (gap fraction, reflected visible and near infrared radiation, digital cameras) derived from sensors on towers to assess the temporal dynamics and spatial variability of such variables as leaf area index, phenology, photosynthetic capacity, canopy height and ecosystem photosynthesis.  We discuss new ideas and data on the use of reflected near infrared radiation from vegetation as a better proxy for photosynthesis.  We also discuss the role and need of flux footprint models to produce more representative comparisons between fluxes and remote sensing indices.